The beauty of well-defined woodgrains will never go out of style. From quiet
minimalism to bold masculinity, the secret of our ultra-realistic wood laminates
lies in the precise colour tones and three-dimensional surface designs. Backed
by our experience and knowledge in wood veneers, we are able to achieve the
unique wood patterns that give our laminates their distinct wood lines, swirls,
knots, and cathedrals.


Greenlam Synchro Laminates are specially designed with a registered embossing
technology that synchronizes plate texture with the paper pattern, bringing about
a dramatic level of realism to laminates that are a true reflection of real wood.


The finest expression of nature was laid on a paper to produce one of the
most premium laminate. VRB textured borrowed from the heart of nature,
offers the essence of a real wood veneer. It provides the appearance of a dry
matt finish which is a strong fashion direction for surface finishes.


Greenlam HD gloss has been developed with the most advanced technology
to create the best-in-class Gloss. Resistant to MAR, scratches, and abrasion,
these premium laminates are sturdier and exceptionally durable than any other
standard gloss laminate.

HD Gloss

Greenlam Unicore are high-performance uni-coloured laminates made with
multi-layers decorative papers. These are crafted to offer uniformity and
seamlessness to the surface with no dark edges.


Greenlam AFX is a matt-finish laminate that has been specially treated
to make the surface impression-free, non-porous, scratch-resistant, and hydro-repellant, making it effortless to clean away impurities and
grease marks.